Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hiya, my butt sniffin' friends! Got some update for you guys. The recovery's doing great. We're having a ball giving the hoomans a hard time. Hehehe.

Robin had diarrhea for a couple of days, and I had blood discharges from my 'ehem' but we're okay! 'Stichees' and 'Lampshade' comes out on Friday and we're free!

Anyway, we wanted to share with you some cool peektures of us fooling around last night. Enjoy!

My tongue was acting funny all night long. I really wonder why..

And I was busy catching treats- my best trick ;)

Dude, what;s wrong with your face??
Eeek, I don't know!

Oh, yes, some comparison! See when we went to vet for checkup yesterday, the hoomans took my weight and I am now 30 kilograms! So they felt nostalgic and started comparing pictures of me then and now..

This is me and Nala when I was about 3 and a half months

And this is now..

See? I'm pretty much twice her size in just 3 months! I'm way bigger now!

Oh shut up you little prat. You're not big, you're phat!

Oh and while they were on the trip down memory lane, they found this peekture and wanted to prove how much of a water dog I am :) I was sleeping in Nala's water bowl. BOL!

Alrighty. Taa!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trick Update!

Hehe, look what I can do! :D

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Not So Pawsome Recovery

Woof!! How's everybody doing? Us? Not so good. We would be, if we hadn't been under the knife! Wooo, sound so scary right? Nah. Nothing lah.

On Tuesday, we both went through a life changing experience. Literally. We were neutered and spayed! There goes our legacy.. But we know it's for our own good. The surgery went well, thank dogness. Though, we weren't too keen on staying in the hospital for a night.

I was so sad we had to be separated from our hoomans :( I was too depressed, I didn't even touch the food they've given me. It felt like forever being in that cage. But the minute they walked in, it all went away!

By the way, I had an X-Ray too to check my hip's condition. My left hip is apparently 'loose' or something like that. That's what I heard and I was told to keep taking glucosamine as usual. No problem. I just wanted to go home! I already had it all pictured in my head. Me running free in the yard, digging sand, chewing pebbles, drinking from pond..

Yeah. Not bloody likely. We arrived home to find our playpens already set up in our 'area' and we were forced to stay in there. Hmph. To make matters worse, we had to wear this CRAP!

Don't we just look ridiculous with those on? And it makes it impossible to move without us banging into something!

First night home was pretty gloomy as it was raining that night and we were still in pain but on the bright side, look at what they bought us!

Our favorite wet food, 'Nature's Gift: Lamb with Pasta'


And new toys!

Mommy has been making us boiled chicken with potatoes and carrots, too. They must really feel bad for us. Heheee. Check out our latest photos..


Lookie, I can balance a whole tupperware of treats on my head!

Smile... Even when you're sleeping..

Can you feel the love tonight?

I know I do! BOL! Sooo lucky they haven't taught me that trick yet..

Now let's start the 10 days countdown before we can take of the 'sticheees' and the 'table lamp cover'!!

Talk to you guys soon!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Good Neighbour!

So all of you might know who Toby is by now. If you don't, then refer to previous blogs. He's our neighbour and my best friend! So after about half and hour of walkie today, we dropped by his house and played for a good half an hour.

Where he kept on trying to hump me! Psshh.. At about 8 p.m, Toby came by with his mommy who brought with her a paper bag that smelt very appetizing. Hmm, wonder what it was..

Hmm, what are those, Adik?

Oooooohh WOW! Looks pawlicious!


Just look at those fatties! Absolutely no manners! sigh, MUTTS!

Oh hello! Are you joining us for dinner? :)

Is he crazy? Eww! NEVER!

Sheesh. What's wrong with those two? They're sitting in MY playpen and they wanna give me the cold shoulder? Grrr..

Oh, I so wanna dig in right away! The three of us begged and begged and finally, they gave us something. THIS!

We were stuck in the playpen while the homans prepare our food

MOVE IT!! We're starving here!!

Alright, that's it! We're coming and we're taking this stupid playpen with us. Boys, PUSH!!

Dinner's ready! We're having...

Rice with Beef and Soup

Topped with Carrots, POTATOES, and ughh, lettuce x(

But of course, Adik'll torture me first..


Gobble, gobble, gobble..

Alright, that's it from us! Dinner was pawlicious! WOOF!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is it normal?

Trip to the Vet today! You're probably wondering why I'm so excited as most of you are terrified of the vet, but hey. We loooovvee it! After Adik came back from school, she and Along got us in the car and we were on our way to the vet...

Hi Hi!

My eyes are heavy.. and getting heavieerrr...

I think I'm gonna sleep now

While hodling Along's hand.. I'm such a gentleman!

And what have I been doing at the back seat? Being a good girl of course! I don't try to jump onto the front seat like my brother.

When we arrived, the first thing our hoomans did was checked our weights. I gotta say, I lost a few pounds and I weight 25kg now. Adik told me to eat more and stop running around too much because she thinks I'm a little small. But I eat so much, Adik!

As for me, you should refer to the blog title first. That question is what I'm seeking answers to after they took my weight. I am only five months old and I weight 28 kilograms. Along said I'm unbelievably insane and Adik said 'WTF, indeed'. But but I've been eating so little.. I'm just big boned! I ain't no fatso!

Yeah, riiiiiiiggghhhtt, Robin...

Anyway, we had to wait for a couple of minutes before our turn and there was only one other dog there, so it wasn't much fun. Our turn came and our doctor, Dr. Prem said that Robin doesn't have to go on the examination table because he's too big. BOL!


Dr. Prem checked my red spots and he and our hoomans said something about 'spaid' or is it 'spayed'?

Oh yeah, I remember that. God knows what it means. Our hoomans wouldn't tell us! Anyway Dr. Prem said he'll see us next Tuesday for the 'spayed'..

The car ride home was so boring. The car too looked pretty plain, so I did some 'decorating' :D

Yes! So much better this way, don't you think?

*SMACK* A hand hit my head. It was Adik, yelling at me, 'BAD BOY!! STOP THAT!!'... But I don't understand. I thought it looked really pretty..

Fineee.. I'll stop now. It was too ugly to be saved anyway! Even by my awesome 'decorating' techniques. Hmph.

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Tricks!

Hey pals! Good news. Adik is finally really proud of me because after one year of neglecting her instructions, I finally gave in and actually listened to her. I'm not stoopid, I just like to piss her off and get treats without wasting my energy. Check out my new tricks! They may be basic, but who cares? I get treats for em' ;)

Hehe. It's not the best, but atleast I made my hooman proud :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday, my furry friends! I must say, my Sunday is kicking up with a good start. At 7.30 this morning, Adik took Nala and I on a bike ride. Woohoo!

She made us do our business in the yard before going out because she doesn't wanna pick up after us on our walk. See, we doggies are so lucky to have a big yard for us to run around all day that we don't even need that much exercise! And the yard is mostly covered in grass, so we can do our business where we want to.

And there's THREE ponds filled with fishies and turtles and free flowing water that we love to play with! Our hoomans tell us not to drink from the pond, but we don't care!

Our walk lasted for about an hour and we got to say hello to a few of our neighbouring buddies! It was fun, until we took a pit stop by the lake and Adik made me do a sit-stay and down-stay. Grr, I hate doing these things! I just wanna run around all day!

When we got home, she tied me onto a leash so I wouldn't distract Nala while she was working on Nala's tricks. It was sooo annoying watching Nala get praised and rewarded everytime she stands, catches the treats and leave something that I decided to take a short nap.

And I was showered with pats and hugs and yummy treats for being such a good girl! Ahh, bliss!

Then it was my turn and Nala was tied onto a leash. But Adik gave up since she could hardly make me sit. Of course! I only listen to my master, Along ;) Hmm, I wonder if she is dying because she is being so nice to us. She even gave us some kibbles that she mixed with cheese! Oooh la la!

Ughh, I found it disgusting and made my fat brother eat it instead because before I even had time to leave my bowl, he chowed down all of his!

Hmm, and I heard Adik telling the maid that she wanted to give us a bath. OH could this day get any better?! :D

Whaaaaattt?? NO! I hate bathing! :/

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day out

Oh my dog, what an awesome day we had! Our hoomans were nice enough to take us with them. We went to Mont Kiara and had a blast!

I spent the day in the house with Mommy, Along and Adik in Mommy's room. I helped along wake Adik up by giving her a big sloppy kiss on the mouth. She said my beard is very tickly. I don't know what she's talking about, because I certainly don't have a beard. I'm a girl for god's sakes!

First up. we went to Coffee Bean Mont Kiara

where the hoomans had their meals and we doggies were tied to a pole, wishing we were the one with plates of pasta :/ Of course, when it comes to begging for meals, there is one unbeatable weapon the hoomans just can't resist. The puppy face, that is.

It worked! They gave in right away. Hah! These hoomans can be so foolish at times..

Oooh, FOOD!

Allright, I'll wait for it..

Hurry up, woman! I'm starving here!

Oh, man, this is good!

Mommy, I want some too!

Oh, gosh, you're right this is good!

Can I have one more??

We were so full afterwards that Robin nearly dozed off on Along's thigh!

After their meals, the hoomans wanted to get dessert, so we went to Desserts' Bar right next door. Again, Robin and I were tied to a pole but we don't mind because we get some of their treats! :)

Oops, got some cream there..


Oh, lookie.. Humans! I shall make my adorable 'I'm so lonely, come and play with me' face now..


So many fans, so little time. But only I get pecks and hugs! Nala didn't get any..

That's okay. I've got Mommy! HAH!

Fineee.... I'll just stay here by myself then :(

We went home after that and just hung out in the house and took pictures with Mommy..

And suddenly the bell rang! Who's that?

Yipee! It's Toby!

He came over for a while because our hoomans were talking and talking and talking non-stop about things we doggies couldn't care less about! But we don't mind because that only means more play time! Yayy!

Allrighty, peeps! Until next time!