Sunday, September 27, 2009


So I er, 'fell' in the pond today.. Hehe.. I used to be very scared of that pond because on my first play time when I was a curious little bugger, I fell into the pond and eh, nearly drowned and it took me a looong time to come near it again. I decided to take a dip in it today and hmm, it's not as scary as I remember.

Unfortunately, I just had my bath the day before, so the hoomans are not very happy with me. Woof woof. I am sorry, I won't do it again! ( cross paws ;) )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Bitch is Back

And back to bullying ME! -.-"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morning Ritual

At 7 o'clock this morning, Adik woke me up from my beauty sleep to watch the sunrise. Sort of. The sun has rised already, actually, but only halfway. The reason being that she was going through her photo gallery and noticed that Nala has way more pictures than I do and so she wants to take new pictures of me with a nice, natural lighting.

But I refused to get up. I don't actually like walkies that much. Unless some of my friends come along but because I'm nice, I went with her..

I was actually supposed to lie down on this bench, but I told her I ain't doing anything for you! It's good enough I agreed to go with you!

Instead, I enjoyed the view of the sun coming up and meditating while doing so.. Ohmm..

I met my friend, Coco the Cocker Spaniel..

Look, she didn't want to leave me!

After a little play time with Coco, I went to see my buddy Mike the Lab..

He didn't go out for a walk, so our meeting was pretty brief..

Since she lets me see my friends, I agreed to stop for a couple of shots, but only a couple!

After a little off-leash healing exercise with her (i know, torture!) we were gonna go home when we saw somedoggy and his hooman in the distance.. Hmm, who is it?

Toby Best friend!

I haven't seen him since he injured his dew claw and had it taken out. It was good to see him again! I'd say he's looking pretty good..

Resting after a ball game...

I love my best buddy! Even though he tried to hump me many many times.. I overheard his daddy telling Adik he might get neutered. Shhh...

And on our way home, we met Marley and Juie the Mongrels!

I got a bowl of iced water when I got back.. Aaahhh..

Ahh, that was nice.. Now, if you excuse me, I'm gonna enjoy my last moments before the bitch comes back :D

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Get well soon Nala!

Hey everyone, this is 'Adik' taking over for today. My name is actually Aqyla, but 'Adik' is what they call me in the family and what the dogs somehow recognize me as. Hahaha. It actually means 'little sister' in Malay.

Anyway, turns out it wasn't a burn mark after all. It's this bacterial skin infection called 'I-can't-remember-what' something starts with Moisture but anyway, this morning when I gave the dogs breakfast, I noticed that ants, yes, the insects, was eating her pus. It was a lot worse than last night, so we rushed her to the vet. They had to shave almost half of her body, and it was bleeding and all the gross things you don't want to know. 

She was whimpering, shaking, poor girl. The hair in her belly that was shaved off when she was spayed hasn't even fully grown yet and now she's shaved again :( There was actually 5 spots and not 3, and the doctor said that if we didn't take care of it, flies would come lay eggs there and there will be maggots in her body. Horrifying, I know.

Unfortunately, my family is gonna be away for 4 days and there's no one to take care of her, so she's now boarding in the hospital, probably whining away. Wish I could stay with her..

Good news is, it's not a very critical infection, so in about 10 days, it should be gone. They'll update as Nala & Robin as soon as we get back and thank you all for your concerns :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

What's Wrong With Nala?

Today, while I was having my dinner, Adik absent-mindedly checked my body for any hot spots or things like that. She didn't exactly thought she'd find anything. But this is what she found on me..

(click to enlarge)

Can you see the three little pink spots?
This is what one of them looks like up close.

Adik said it looks like a burn mark but she has no idea how I got it. My skin is dry, scaly and has some sort of sticky fluid on it. Her godmother rescued a cat once that was poured with hot water all over it's body and it's skin looks and feels like those pink spots on me, so she highly suspects that it's a burn mark.

The hoomans thinks I got it from the car exhaust because I have this habit of sleeping under the cars or in the worst case, somebody poured hot water on me, because we have very cuckoo neighbors who basically hates us dogs.

Anyway, the hoomans called our Vet and since it's was late, the doctor told them to just put a cold towel on the marks to soothe it and bring me to the vet first thing tomorrow. It's quite painful when they put the towel on me, but it's cooling.

They are worried because tomorrow, they are going back to Mommy's hometown about 2 hours away to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr (a muslim celebration that marks the end of Ramadhan) and won't be back for a few days. Plus, my kitty sister is not well and Robin is also having hotspots.

Hopefully, my condition's not so bad and I would be okay staying home with the maids. Cross your paws!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hey guys! Robin here.. Nala is busy begging for food, so I'm gonna blog for the both of us because I'm not really into the whole begging thing. I prefer to just steal em' when the hoomans are not looking. Kekeke..

Everybody is so lazy to help me blog these days and plus, there's nothing much going on. Although, my crazy hooman sister is currently obsessed with dressing me up in drag!

I was fine with it at first,

But it was starting to get annoying..

REALLY annoying..

She actually even put a bikini on me, but no chance in hell will you see it!

She says I make a very pretty girl. Probably even prettier than Nala. I beg to differ! I am a MAN! Fine, maybe just a boy but anyway, just because my balls are gone, it doesn't give her an excuse to make fun of me!

See? I ain't a girl.. I'm a handsome tough looking stud muffin!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Greenies Galore

Every doggy loves GREENIES!!

Right? Well, anyway, we had our first ever greenies today! And because it's kinda expensive, we've been told that we're only getting em' once a month. Darn!! But here's us enjoying them!

Oooh.. Gimme gimme gimme!!!

Whoo, get a whiff of that.. Seriously, lady, stop torturing me already!

*Hallelujah Chorus*

I am one happy pup..

My turn, my turn! That looks so good..

But of course, the torturing never stops..

Oh yeah, look at this evil trick I was forcefully taught!! Beg and Balance.. But in this picture, she's making me hold it instead! Yikes!

After a 'Good Girl' and a pat, I finally got it..

Yum yum yum!

We are very very happy dogs!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Almost Gone..

Yes, we nearly went missing this evening.

We had painters at our house this afternoon to repaint the house. And when they left, the stoopid stoppid maid left the door OPEN!! Obviously, we're never allowed out of the house without the hoomans, so when we see the gate open, we assume they're letting us out.

Can't blame us either, I mean, we're dogs after all! We're always looking for some adventure. And well, that open gate screamed ADVENTURE!!! Oh, the hoomans went ballistic. Adik went out in her bright pink and blue jammies, in tears, screaming our names and searching frantically for us. The neighbors looked at her like she was crazy! Luckily, she found us at the field near our house where we were taking a mud bath. Hihihihi :D

She was sooper relieved, but is it bad for me to say we were kinda disappointed? Heeee! Oh come ON!! You gotta admit, you can't say no to a good mud bath, right? And there was a whole field full of it! But like any of you guys when you see your hooman, we were excited to see her and jumped at her for a hug!!

Well, the maid has done it this time. Mommy and Daddy and our sisters are furious!! I think she might get fired for this..

Oh well! At least we're safe now! Gosh, can you imagine if we really did went missing?

Would you miss us? :)