Friday, September 18, 2009

What's Wrong With Nala?

Today, while I was having my dinner, Adik absent-mindedly checked my body for any hot spots or things like that. She didn't exactly thought she'd find anything. But this is what she found on me..

(click to enlarge)

Can you see the three little pink spots?
This is what one of them looks like up close.

Adik said it looks like a burn mark but she has no idea how I got it. My skin is dry, scaly and has some sort of sticky fluid on it. Her godmother rescued a cat once that was poured with hot water all over it's body and it's skin looks and feels like those pink spots on me, so she highly suspects that it's a burn mark.

The hoomans thinks I got it from the car exhaust because I have this habit of sleeping under the cars or in the worst case, somebody poured hot water on me, because we have very cuckoo neighbors who basically hates us dogs.

Anyway, the hoomans called our Vet and since it's was late, the doctor told them to just put a cold towel on the marks to soothe it and bring me to the vet first thing tomorrow. It's quite painful when they put the towel on me, but it's cooling.

They are worried because tomorrow, they are going back to Mommy's hometown about 2 hours away to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr (a muslim celebration that marks the end of Ramadhan) and won't be back for a few days. Plus, my kitty sister is not well and Robin is also having hotspots.

Hopefully, my condition's not so bad and I would be okay staying home with the maids. Cross your paws!


  1. Put a little peroxide on a cotton ball and liberally dab on each boo-boo. It will remove any bacteria and dry out the area. It will not burn or irritate the area.

    Looks to me like bug bites - maybe spider. But that is only a guess.

    For the dry skin, give one capsule of fish oil twice a day in food. It will take about 30 days for you to notice a difference.

  2. OMG.
    I hope that you are OK Nala.
    my friend Happy got burn by the motor exhaust too.. and his situation was worst than you, however he is ok now.. so no worry !! you will be ok Nala!!

    Cross my paws!


  3. Hi dear friends....We're come back but we're very very sad to read about your problem sweet Nala!!!!
    If you got burn by the motor exhaust we think that you'll be ok very very soon!!!
    Take care of you and pleaseeeee....let us know what the vet will tell you!!!!!
    We're very worried!!!!
    Our paws are crossed all for you!!!
    And're ok now???
    If only we'll live near you could stay with us during your family absence...
    Can't wait to hear your news...
    We're sure that all will be ok!!!!
    And we missed you a lot!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I hope you find out what it is very soon.

  5. We hope you feel better soon!