Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morning Ritual

At 7 o'clock this morning, Adik woke me up from my beauty sleep to watch the sunrise. Sort of. The sun has rised already, actually, but only halfway. The reason being that she was going through her photo gallery and noticed that Nala has way more pictures than I do and so she wants to take new pictures of me with a nice, natural lighting.

But I refused to get up. I don't actually like walkies that much. Unless some of my friends come along but because I'm nice, I went with her..

I was actually supposed to lie down on this bench, but I told her I ain't doing anything for you! It's good enough I agreed to go with you!

Instead, I enjoyed the view of the sun coming up and meditating while doing so.. Ohmm..

I met my friend, Coco the Cocker Spaniel..

Look, she didn't want to leave me!

After a little play time with Coco, I went to see my buddy Mike the Lab..

He didn't go out for a walk, so our meeting was pretty brief..

Since she lets me see my friends, I agreed to stop for a couple of shots, but only a couple!

After a little off-leash healing exercise with her (i know, torture!) we were gonna go home when we saw somedoggy and his hooman in the distance.. Hmm, who is it?

Toby Best friend!

I haven't seen him since he injured his dew claw and had it taken out. It was good to see him again! I'd say he's looking pretty good..

Resting after a ball game...

I love my best buddy! Even though he tried to hump me many many times.. I overheard his daddy telling Adik he might get neutered. Shhh...

And on our way home, we met Marley and Juie the Mongrels!

I got a bowl of iced water when I got back.. Aaahhh..

Ahh, that was nice.. Now, if you excuse me, I'm gonna enjoy my last moments before the bitch comes back :D


  1. Robin you are so cute and well behave and Nice photos!!
    I can't really heel beside my hooman... when i off leash, there i go. 'IT's MY FREEDOM'
    I won't go far too away from my hooman though.

    How's Nala doing ? Is she ok now ? :-)


  2. Haha, I'm really only good off-leash because I'm too lazy to wander off. She is back to her hyper self as soon as she came home. Back to bullying me!


  3. Tank woo fur khoming by my khorner!

    I'm glad woo found me on Pluto's blog!

    I'll be bakhk to visit again!


  4. OMDogness - you are so bootiful and friendly! Looks like your early am walkie turned out really wonderfully! That iced water at the end looks totally pawesome!
    Huggers xo