Saturday, September 19, 2009

Get well soon Nala!

Hey everyone, this is 'Adik' taking over for today. My name is actually Aqyla, but 'Adik' is what they call me in the family and what the dogs somehow recognize me as. Hahaha. It actually means 'little sister' in Malay.

Anyway, turns out it wasn't a burn mark after all. It's this bacterial skin infection called 'I-can't-remember-what' something starts with Moisture but anyway, this morning when I gave the dogs breakfast, I noticed that ants, yes, the insects, was eating her pus. It was a lot worse than last night, so we rushed her to the vet. They had to shave almost half of her body, and it was bleeding and all the gross things you don't want to know. 

She was whimpering, shaking, poor girl. The hair in her belly that was shaved off when she was spayed hasn't even fully grown yet and now she's shaved again :( There was actually 5 spots and not 3, and the doctor said that if we didn't take care of it, flies would come lay eggs there and there will be maggots in her body. Horrifying, I know.

Unfortunately, my family is gonna be away for 4 days and there's no one to take care of her, so she's now boarding in the hospital, probably whining away. Wish I could stay with her..

Good news is, it's not a very critical infection, so in about 10 days, it should be gone. They'll update as Nala & Robin as soon as we get back and thank you all for your concerns :)


  1. I was afraid it might be something a little more serious than a burn. Thank goodness Nala got to the vet. If you have to be away and she is sick, the hospital is the best place for her. I will be purraying for her.

    We're soooooooo sad for you....
    Grrrrrrrr.....AND WITHOUT mom and dad with you....luckily you have your sweet Adik with you...thank godness you went to the vet....hope in hospital they could give you the best care...
    Awwwwwwww...sweet Nala..if only we live near...we could be there with you now!!!!!!
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee...take care of you and be strong lovely girl....We're sure that Adik will be a good sister for you!!!
    And hope your humans coming home soon!!!!
    Adik...we're far away from you...but if you need to talk with someone..pleaseeeeeee...count on us!!
    Hope to hear good news from you very very soon!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses....
    PAws crossed and we'll keep you in our prayers!!!!

  3. Hi Nala! I'm so sad to know that you got sick and had to go to the vet. Hope you get well very soon! And that Robin and your kitty sister are ok.
    Keeping my paws crossed and we are praying for you.


  4. Oh, Nala, we are so sorry! Don't worry, fur grows back quickly! We wish you a speedy recovery!