Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yummy Breakfast

Howdy, friends! Just wanted to share with you what the hoomans treated us to for breakfast a couple days ago. Let's just say, it was a meal worth begging for. Absolutely magnifique!

The final product! We had a steak and a salmon each, with some eggs and err, leaves..

Look at our pleading faces! Boy, we were drooling like mad..

Mmm.. Nyom nyom nyom..

Tastes heavenly!

Are you done with yours?

Alright, let's switch!

Thank you dear hoomans for the lovely meal! Oh, I wanted to show you all how I look like now. Almost my entire bottom had to be shaved because of my skin infection. It's not exactly sightly, but it will make the healing process a lot faster. Plus, it's a lot more cooling! ;)

Thanks for dropping by and we will visit you all very very soon!