Friday, August 28, 2009

Rest In Peace, Coco

We are sad to say this but our dear hamster sister, Coco had left us this morning to go over the Rainbow Bridge.

Coco was Adik's beloved hamster. She really wanted one and so her best friend got her Coco for her birthday. She was a very very cute little black and white furball with the biggest eyes in the world!

Coco was a very energetic and fearless hamster. She and our kitty sisters Duchess and Duke were really close. Especially Duchess. Everyday Duchess would just look after Coco and when they had play times, they played like sisters. I think she was her best friend. Poor cat started meowing to Adik and searching frantically for her friend when she saw that Coco's cage was missing.

Adik is quite devastated because Coco didn't live for very long. (She was three months old) But at least she had a good life. She's glad too that Coco died peacefully in her sleep instead of in other disasters.

Coco was laid to rest just outside our house.

Run free over at the rainbow bridge, Coco.. We love you so much and we miss you!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We've Been Tagged!

A big big thank you to our pawsome golden friends, PACO, MILO & MAYA for tagging us!

"When accepting this award, you must blog about the food you have stolen when your humans were not watching.
If you have never stolen any food, you must have been a really good pup!
You can accept this yummy tray of cookies as your reward!
Next add the logo of this award to your blog (optional), then nominate at least 5 other furry blogs and let them know by leaving a message on their blogs."

Hmm, lets see. Man, we steal a lot of food! Basically anything that's on the table.

But mostly, it's


Hmm, do you guys know what it is? I'm not sure if it's well known around the world, but in South-East Asia, oooh it's very very famous and very very delicious! It's either Beef or Chicken pieces cooked on a bamboo skewer. The hoomans love it, so when they bring some back, we get into our Stealing Mode! Hiak hiak!


It's kinda hard to steal this one because they're usually gone within seconds! But once they're in, there's no going out!

Mmmm, my favorite! Mommy cooks the best all the time.


Damn, this pictures's making us drool! We like to steal a slice or two when there's some. And of course, there's...


Hehehehe we love to steal those!

And then there's other pathetic thingies like paper napkins and other stuff the hoomans said aren't edible. Whateverr!!

Now it's time to tag other doggies! We're gonna tag..


Alright, everydog! Have a great week!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doggy Patience Test

Wanna test your patience level? Here's how you do it!

First up! Place a treat in front of you, possibly close to your nose and try your best not to snatch it!
If you succeed, your patience level is 2 out of 10

Next up is on the head!
If you can do this one, which, mind you, I still have a hard time doing,
your patience level is 4 out of 10

And now, going to the next level! Place that droolworthy delicious looking
treat of yours on you SNOUT!

Be careful not to get cock-eyed! Now if you succeed to strain
yourself from flinging it up,
catching it and munching it down,
you score a whooping 6 out of 10!!

Are you ready for the next one?? This is a hard one. I tend to fail sometimes,
too because it's sooo close to the mouth and we're constatly smelling it!
Okie dokie, place the treat on your nosie, now.
You did it?? Wooo! You score 8 out of 10!!!

And now, the last and the toughest of em' all! It takes a very patient
dog to do this like moi. Ehem. Hihihihi. Kidding! I'm not very good at it either.
bite a small part of the treat and hold it there. You will drool a whole lot for this one!

And if you could hold it there in saliva land, you can jump like crazy knowing
you're a patient pup because you scored full mark!

10 out of 10

the downside of this whole test, well for me, is, getting laughed at for making
this face!!

So try not to make it so much, okies??
Alrighty! I have a bowl of food to finish now, so try this test out and
tell me your scores! :D

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dogathon 2009!

please excuse the person's butt behind us

What a day we had!

Oh yeah, what a day! You didn't move a single paw! I was the one participating in games!

I did meet a lot of new friends and had a fan base, you know..

SOOO! Today was Dogathon 2009! Minus the heat and the constant delay for the games, it was pretty awesome..

The hoomans woke us up at 6.30 in the morning and packed our stuff, put us in the car and we drove in the crack of dawn to University Putra Malaysia.

Where are we going??
NOO! I need my beauty sleep!

Okay, funny story. Our hoomans bought Mc'Donalds for themselves and they put it in a space near the gear box. And when we arrived, Robin tried to get to the front seat and ended up stepping on the chicken porridge and their drink, making a huuuugggeee mess in the car!


We registered straight away once we've arrived and Nala signed up for everything while I was told,

You're so fat and useless, so no need for you to join. Just embarrass yourself!

Aww, man. I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway. A lot of running was required for all the games, so that's a big 'NO THANK YOU' for me..

As usual, a whole lot of butt-sniffing was going on. We made so many new friends there!

These two GR's reminds us of our friends, Paco & Milo. Well, their coat colors, at least.

First up was the Carnival Dog Race! Adik and I did not train for this event because she knows I'm an Energizer Bunny who doesn't have the word 'tired' in my dogcabulary. SHE however, only trained for a couple of days. She used to be good at these running things. She was in a marching band and cheerleading team, and she was required to run for like 45 minutes non-stop every single day so she was used to it. However, she quit both marching band and cheerleading this year, so she gained a few spare tires and lost a whole amount of energy.

Since I am a very very good girl, I hardly pulled her at all and did not stop once for any businesses whatsoever. Didn't even say hello to any other dogs so 'GO ME!' :D

Obviously, we didn't win, but Adik was very proud of me for not being a pain in the butt. And when she's happy, I'm happy. I came back to where Along and Robin were seated under a shade and Amber's puppies, River, Megan and Lara and their hooman were there.

Oooooh they are sooper cute and well behaved for little puppies. Most puppies we met just go psycho and start jumping here and there..

We went around after that and said Hi to a few lot of doggies and we met our friend Pluto
there as well. He sure is tall!

The next game was called Fastest-Eating Duo. Our hoomans thought that I would have no problem in this game because I always gobble up everything I see without hardly even sniffing them first but you see, I don't like eating at a place I'm not very familiar with because I'm rather territorial, so I just stood there, my bowl untouched, instead, staring at the biscuits Adik was trying her best to finish and even tried to grab some.

Hehehehehe. Her food, I don't mind ;)

While Nala was participating in all these games, I was having a ball sleeping!! And having people take pictures of me. BOL!

Puppy 'Tummy Side Up' anyone?

Oh, Mr Balloon my only friend..

Afterwards was a game called Fixing Mr Clown

I'm up for the first round!

and whoooo, this one was completely Adik's fault. All I had to do was run beside her and wait for her to hang part of a clown's face around my neck and run with her to 'fix' the clown's face. I did the exact thing and even down-stayed like the good girl I am while she rummaged through a box looking for the clown's facial part.

Can you spot us?

Very useless, I tell you. I need to train her harder.

The next and the last game we played was called Doggy-Go-Round and this time, it was team work. I healed on her left side nicely and when the music stops, she passes me to a helper and she quickly race for a seat. We were sooo close to winning, if only the helper wasn't so blur and didn't grab hold of the leash fast enough. Sigh.

I was just cracking up watching it from the waiting tent. It was hilarious! Adik nearly fell of the chair so many times and Nala looked so clueless!

As you can tell, I did not win anything, but that's okay :) There's always next year and we all had fun.

*screeching break sound*

That was the fun part. Nope, we haven't went through the worst part yet!

In the waiting tent, there was this very annoying little Shih Tzu who is probably scared of big dogs and was barking to Nala for so bloody long when Nala didn't even do anything to it! And when I joined her, it was barking frantically at ME!

And the worst part? The owner wasn't even trying to shut it up! Oh no, if he ain't doing it, I will. I turned around and gave the little bugger one heck of a bark and it finally shut up.

What else? Oh my dogness, the HEAT! Amber's Hooman M told us about Amber getting heat stroke last year at the Dogathon, so we were really worried we were gonna get it too. We were literally like little buns getting baked in an oven. Even the hoomans were just dying!

We were waiting for the game called Speed-O-Eater that I was supposed to participate in, but the delay was too much and we went home.

And what awaits me home? This...

YUM YUM YUM! I do love me some rawhide bone!

You just wait, boy. When she finally teaches you the balancing trick, you'll suffer as much as I do. Look what awaits ME

Aww shucks! Not CHEESEBURGERS!

Oh well, she's been making me do it all day anyway..


Saturday, August 8, 2009


Do you doggies share the same fate as me? As you can probably tell, I have learned the 'balancing' trick and ever since, my master, Adik has made me do it ALL. THE. TIME!!! First it was on my snout, then she started placing it on my nose, and today, THIS!!!.....

IN MY FREAKING MOUTH! She even made me have a lick before doing it so I could be more tempted. Ughh! I need a lawyer! I'm gonna sue these hoomans! Do you guys get this from your hoomans as well??

Friday, August 7, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to Basics

Did we mention that we're free? Hehehe, just wanted to rub it in your face. Cause we're freeeee!! BOL!

So what does two free monkeys like us do on a daily basis? Well, the list goes on and on. We could..

Play with the pipes and attempt to kill ourselves. (If we do it often, the pipes will be ruined and the hoomans will replace it with new ones!!)

We could sleep like nobody's business whenever we like

in whatever position we like

And *cough cough* with whoever we like

We get to ride in cars..

And go to new places..

and even school!

and we'll invite friends over later and play like there's no tomorrow

and the best part?

Sneaking into the house of course! We can open sliding doors and open doors and welcome ourselves in the house! Yes, there's the occasional screaming and shouting and 'GET OUT's, because we doggies are not actually allowed in the house, but sometimes, they just don't care! When in the house, we can get hugs from the hoomans..

and beg for food..

and get some, of course. Who could resist this face??

I am a princess after all ;)


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Am I good or AM I GOOD?

Balancing an apple on my snout... :D