Monday, June 29, 2009

Most Adorable Pup

Hi, all..

So everyone thinks I should participate for the 'Most Adorable Pup' contest for the Pet World 2009 this weekend. Hmm, do you think I have what it takes?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Malaysia Dog Day 2009

Wow, today was so much fun! I didn't know what to expect when we got in the car this morning. I thought it was time for school like yesterday, but I guess I was wrong. Everyone got up quite early today and we left he house at 10.30 human time. The car ride was quite boring because Robin got to sit infront and enjoy the breeze..

And since I'm all grown up, I had to sit at the back. Hmph. He's such a brat!

It took a while for us to find a parking and when we did, it was sooo far away. Walking to the stadium was okay, until..

We had to go up a hill. Along complained I was very slow, but I'm glad everyone understand my situation. Three weeks ago, we discovered I have minor hip dysplasia. It's not so bad, but I can't really jump or run much like Nala.

When we got there, it was chaos! This is the first time we've seen so many furry friends in our entire furry lives. The humans was worried we might get lost because they couldn't tell us apart. There was so many look-a-likes. A few minutes after we've settled down, a tall, dark and handsome guy came in. Hmm, looks familiar..

It's Max! He's our classmate from school.

Who has his eyes set on Nala..

Yeahh, he's kind of growing on me.. Anyway, he was quite busy getting his pictures taken so he didn't follow me around like yesterday. Like I said, he's tall, dark and handsome, so he's got many fans. Have to admit, I'm kinda jealous :|

I did not get myself dirty today, so I had a lot humans who wants to take pictures with me.

Must be nice, all that attention..

Nahh. I'd rather sleep.. That place is so comfortable especially with the aircond..

Not too long after we've arrived, my buddy Toby did.

Finally, somebody to play with! Max, Nala, Toby and I hung out together and Nala even had her 'moment' with Max..

There was a lot of activities going on. One of them was a demonstration by a bunch of hunky K9 Cops..

And there was a fashion show! I'm not very into clothes (unless it was given for me to chew), and so is my family so it wasn't much fun for us..

There was other activities like musical chair and 'simon says' and agility trials. It was very funny and entertaining!

Here are some pictures..

I was asleep most of the time, but I nearly had a heart attack when I woke up to this view..

Some humans really have no mercy..

Towards the end, I came across this handsome guy..

I was really into him, but he left so soon and broke my heart :(

Suddenly Nala got cranky and wanted to leave. Plus, Along and Adik was terribly hungry, so we said goodbye to Toby and his humans and went home. I was so relieved, because I was dying to sleep in the comfort of our home.

Our humans stopped by Burger King and KFC and got us Mashed Potato! We had a very nice day and we're looking forward to next weekend where we'll go for another doggie event at Mid Valley. Yayy!

Here are more pictures from Malaysia Dog Day 2009. Talk to you soon!

Here I am with more attention than I could ask for!

Meet Toby...

Hehe.. This guy is kinda cool! Look at his eyes..

The rest of our friends!

This guy is so big, I was too scared to greet him :(

Meet our spotty friend! I think her name is Faith..

My dream guy walking away :(

Hee, pretty, innit?

Sleepy head Robin..

And of course, the handsome Max..

Woof!! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hello everybody! My name is Nala (not Mala or Nara or Tala or Bala or whatever it is people confused my name with) and welcome to my blog! :) Unfortunately, I have to share this blog with my baby brother Robin :( It's not that I hate him or anything, but he's just too annoying! And I don't understand why everybody thinks he's so adorable! Anyway.. I am a Golden Retriever (duhh) and I recently celebrated my very 1st birthday. I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but never really got the chance. You will see me writing about my fabulous life/self in this blog! I love my family very much for different reasons. Daddy always takes me for a good run. He can be very strict at times, but I know he loves me. Everybody does! Mummy is the food person. She feeds me very delicious food all the time and I love chewing on her hands because they're so bony. She doesn't mind ;) Along is pretty much my caretaker. It's her day job! Although she likes to boss Adik around with things like bathing me, walking me, feeding me, wash my *toot*, all the nasty stuff she wouldn't do, she aways takes time to surf the internet for exciting activities for me and Robin. Angah is, well, she's Angah. She will take me for walks occasionally, but mostly she just plays with me and entertain me. Adik is the 'do everything' person. Well, everything everyone else won't do. She likes to sneak me into the house every night (shh, don't tell Daddy) and let me watch Animal Planet till we doze off. She even makes me popcorn! I love them all!

So enjoy reading my blog and talk to you real soon! Woof!

P.S, I write in Red font and Robin writes in Blue.

Ssssuup everyone! The name's Robin. I'm a very handsome five moth old Golden Retriever. Other than my dad, I am the man of the house. See, everybody thinks I'm a little fat for a 5 month old pup, but what do I care. These fats score ladies, man! Like Nala, I love my family very very much. I also have a very dear best friend, Toby

He's a five days younger than I am, but almost five years smarter than I am. He's my neighbour and he's like a brother to me. I love to eat. Though I've noticed that they've cut down my intake a bit.. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blog! As you can probably see, I don't talk as much as my sissy sister.